Using Webinars

By | July 14, 2017

This is a quick guide to using the Webinar system that Total People’s Digital Sector broadcasts with.

Step 1)

When you first receive an email notification inviting you to a webinar you will receive this link below. In order to register for the webinar you will need to provide a name and email address.

Step 2)

This will then confirm that you are registered and give you the option of adding this to your calendar as well as previewing some of the materials available on the webinar. You will also receive an email to confirm.

Step 3)

Once you have registered, the confirmation email will give you the option to test your connection before the webinar starts. We recommend that you do this to make sure that you sound and connection are all working properly, you can also experiment with some of the features of the webinar software. Click here to go the connection test page.

Webinar training and headphones

Step 4)

Log into the webinar software 10 minutes before it is about to start to make sure that everything works. Here are a few tips to guide you through the webinar experience:

  • Most people prefer to listen using headphones, to block out other office noises and minimise disturbances
  • Have a notebook on hand, as the webinar sometime feel a lot quicker than a normal conversation
  • Make sure you have blocked out an hour, it is rare that a webinar will go on much longer than that
  • Check the training materials beforehand, sometimes you might be using Google drive as part of the activities
  • Feel free to ask questions in the chat box at any time during the webinar, you will likely be asked questions that are best answered in the chat box too
  • If the presenter is going too fast or not making sense, please let them know in the chat box
  • If you have any problems, please let your assessor or the presenter know
  • Please evaluate the sessions once they are completed and let us know how we can improve them

Upcoming webinars:

You can also register for Webinar training sessions by clicking on the link to register below or on the Home Page.