The Design Process

By | November 21, 2017

The function of design is to communicate – whether it’s about a product, a concept, an image or a company.  Yet the problem the designer faces is how to choose the right combination of elements, such as headings, text, and illustrations to get the message across in the most original and effective way.

This lesson explores all the different aspects and considerations a designer must make throughout the different stages of the design process.

The Design Process

Different Design Job Roles through History

Starting the Design Process (Lesson Notes)


  1. Identify five of the stages involved in producing a design solution
  2. Describe the three objective(s) of providing design solutions to a customer
  3. Define the meaning of ‘client brief’
  4. Explain the purpose of a briefing session between a customer/client and designer
  5. What basic information is required for setting up a DTP document?
  6. Describe the difference between a House Style and a Corporate Identity
  7. State the elements that can be defined in a House Style
  8. Describe the activities that should be undertaken before commencing DTP production.
  9. State three reasons why elements might be imported into a DTP publication
  10. State the sequence of proof verification used to identify appropriate authorisation
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