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Sorting and Filtering

Sorting and filtering are two ways or organisation data on a spreadsheet or database in order to make it easier to analyse and use. Sorting is the process of putting all the data in a particular order, whereas filtering allows you to turn your headings into drop down menus to display only the information you… Read More »

How to Use the VLOOKUP Function

Overview The VLOOKUP function (which stands for Vertical Lookup), is used to find specific information that has been stored in a spreadsheet table. In the example below, we are going to use an employee number to lookup the corresponding first name in another part of the workbook. Below is the spreadsheet page we wish to… Read More »

How to Use the TRIM Function

Overview The ‘TRIM’ function is useful to remove unwanted spaces before data in cells, as in the example below. There are spaces before the text in the ‘Course’ column that need to be removed, we will insert a function into the ‘Course Name’ column that takes this data and removes the trailing blanks. Step 1… Read More »

How to Record a Macro

Overview Macros are useful time savers, they can help to easily automate tasks you carry out in Excel, such as adding formatting to cells. In the example below, we are going to record a macro that will add currency formatting with 0 decimal places. We will record the macro on the Room Hire column and… Read More »