Project Management

By | May 3, 2016

Project management is the handling a large or complex tasks that would fall outside of a persons normal day to day role, in a structured and methodical way.

Projects might include the development of new software, planning and running a marketing campaign, starting a new aspect of a business or performing a complex task such as renovating a house or landscaping a garden.

Project management is the process of planning and monitoring the progress of a project to enable it to be completed as efficiently as possible, avoiding potential risks and set backs.

This lesson will explore project management; from the phases of project, the processes involved in each phase, and the tools and principles used for each process involved in project management. These tools should help you to plan, manage and evaluate a project.

See the image below for an illustrate of the phases and processes in project management outlined in the slide show.

Project management phases and process

Project Management Phases and Processes

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