Productivity and Quality


Profitability and Productivity

Any printing company exists to make a profit. Printing work must be produced profitably and it should be produced to the quality required by the customer. This lesson explore the different factors that affect the profitability and the productivity of an organisation. It will look at how production control can increase the productivity of a company… Read More »


Quality Assurance and Control

A quality product or service is one which satisfies the requirements of the customer. It must be remembered that quality is not a word that has a definitive value. Quality control is usually concerned with identifying defective products and preventing them from reaching the customer. Quality assurance is concerned with all aspects of company activities… Read More »


Administrative Controls and Documentation

Production control begins with the acceptance of a customer’s order to commence production, and only ends when the complete job has been dispatched and delivered to the customer’s satisfaction. Without an accurate knowledge of production costs and the effectiveness with which equipment is used, sales, profit and growth become restricted. This lesson will analyse the… Read More »


Unit 302: DTP and Pre-Press

Processes in DTP and Pre-Press

The Prepress department can consist of many different processes and activities. This department is responsible for all the designing and planning of printed matter before any money is spent of materials and the work is produced. This lesson has been written to help you understand the activities and processes within DTP and Prepress areas and plan… Read More »


Proofing Systems

The purpose of the proof is to provide the customer, pre-press technician and printer with a means of having a common understanding of how the printed work should look. This lesson will explore the different purposes and uses for a proof and will analyse the different types of proof, including the advantages and disadvantages of… Read More »

Hue, Saturation and Brightness diagram


Introduction to using colour theory in design practice This lesson is about the basic skills and knowledge required to explore the use of colour and to apply colour theory in design. In this topic you will need to research the different meaning, uses and features of different colours and how they relate to each other.… Read More »


Unit 303: Print Production


Many companies are now realising that preventative maintenance of machinery helps to reduce unexpected breakdowns and makes the company more efficient and productive. This lesson will analyse the different roles and responsibilities in relation to maintenance of equipment, the different categories of faults likely to occur, and the different activities involved in the cleaning, lubrication, and… Read More »


Machine Faults and Solutions

The real skill involved in operating machinery, isn’t necessarily simply setting up and running the machine; the real issue is knowing what to do when there are problems. With printing machinery, problems are not always catastrophic events, sometimes the slightest adjustment or malfunction can cause a fault with the quality of the product. It is… Read More »


Chemicals and Waste

Many of the activities and production processes used in the printing and graphic communications industry require the use of chemicals and solvents, some of which are potentially dangerous if not used properly. This lesson will recap go deeper in to what we have previously covered regarding chemicals. In particular we will analyse; how to do… Read More »