Marketing Basics

By | June 18, 2017

This is a quick presentation about the basics of marketing to get you thinking about how to get started with your approach to marketing and what questions you should be asking. This lesson is best viewed as a webinar or with a tutor, as trends are constantly changing and what people may have wanted yesterday, might not be the same as what they want tomorrow.

Different levels of marketing:

There is a hierarchy of marketing activities, as seen in the diagram below. At the top of the pyramid is the overall marketing strategy that dictates the brand, the tone of voice, the market segments etc. In the middle of the pyramid are the different marketing campaigns, which focus around a specific topic and time frame and are coordinated to make the best use of resources and current events. Finally the foundation of the pyramid is the different marketing activities that go into each campaign; the range of activities should be coordinated to reach and engage with the whole target audience outlined in the strategy at the top of the pyramid.

marketing pyramid. hierarchy showing marketing strategy at the top, campaigns in the middle and marketing activities at the foundation

Marketing basics presentation

Courtesy of Jane Perkins formerly of Total People’s own marketing department.