Managing Marketing Campaigns

By | February 4, 2017

Marketing campaigns should be projects in themselves and to be most effective they should be planned like any other project. This would include progressing through different stages; from the marketing brief, drawing up aims and objectives, planning, designing, monitoring and finally evaluating the overall success of the campaign to indicate the overall return on investment.

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Important questions to ask when starting a new campaign:

  • What is the purpose of the campaign? Think about the general aims and how the campaign will fit in with the overall strategy.
  • What are the objectives of the campaign? Think about SMART targets, or comparing against industry benchmarks, previous campaigns or similar campaigns from competitors.
  • Who are the target audiences? Think about the different market segments or the different types of people you want to reach. Try to create profiles for these different audiences.
  • What platforms or media do they use? Think about your audiences and what different technologies or social networks they use and how they receive or engage with news or information.
  • How can you reach your audience? Think about how you can present your message in different ways to reach all of your audience; such as text, images, video, long form or short form, persuasive or factual etc.
  • What content do I need to create and what external content can I curate and share? Think about partner organisations, current affairs and upcoming events that you can participate in.

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