Getting Started

Welcome to your Digital qualification!

By now you should have been introduced to your new training adviser; they will be available to you throughout your course, and happy to answer any questions you might have. Generally each course starts in approximately the same place, and your training adviser will have set you some targets to get you started such as:

  • Familiarise yourself with your job role
  • Complete your basic health and safety training at work
  • Obtain and familiarise yourself with your contract of employment
  • Read through and complete the first tasks set by your training adviser, such as:
    • Health and safety work book
    • Professional development work book
    • ‘Employment Rights and Responsibilities’ work book


To help you get started read through the presentation below; if you would like any more information about any of the topics, click on the links below to go straight to the related technical certificate lesson. After you have completed this presentation, there will be a few more links to some useful websites and resources that may help you during you course.

There are several articles across the page that should help you get started with the first parts of your course; the first is an introduction to working in the IT and Digital industry, discussing a few basic common principles of this kind of workplace. Next there are two lessons that are relevant to each course and will help with some of your course work. Lastly as you will be using Information Technology (IT) throughout this course, there is an introduction to basic IT security to help you stay safe whilst using the computer. You may even find this last micro lesson useful in your own workplace.

Vocational Initial Assessment

Once you have read through this lesson, a good next step is to try and gauge what you are confident in right now, and what you might require support with throughout your course.

Click on the Vocation Initial Assessment or Vocational Six Month Assessment link below.

Vocational Initial Assessment

What you write in this form will be used to help illustrate your learning journey, by providing a start point and highlighting areas where you feel you might need support in order to personalise your apprenticeship.  


Vocational Six Month Assessment

What you write in this form will be used to help illustrate your learning journey, by providing a mid point and highlighting any issues you have experienced or any areas where you feel you might need support in your apprenticeship.


Standard Vocational Initial Assessment

This page contains all of the technical vocational initial assessments that apply to the new digital Apprenticeship standards. Please select the relevant course and complete the skills scan form below:


Anything you record in these assessments are kept confidential between you and your assessor unless you choose to upload the report onto your OneFile profile.

Health and Safety Basics

Health and safety is a frequently discussed subject, and concerns all aspects of the work place and work activities. There is some basic health and safety advice that everyone should be aware of no matter where you work or what your job role is. This lesson will provide a general overview to health and safety issues; such… Read More »


Employment and Legal Issues

Employers and employees have statutory rights and responsibilities under UK and European employment law. Employees must abide by the terms of their contract of employment including giving and working the specified period of notice. This lesson has been put together to identify the legal rights and responsibilities of an employee and employer address a range of potential employment or… Read More »


Developing Effectiveness for You and Your Organisation

Professional development is essential in every workplace, and you will be expected to work with and get along with all different kinds of people as your career progresses. As well as developing your technical skills, it is also important to develop soft skills such as time management and communication as well. This lesson will explore different areas around… Read More »

keyboard and lock

IT Security 101 – What all IT users should know

IT Security is vitally important to any business with a website, using social media or e-Commerce. This lesson has been written as a basic introduction to IT security, including important information all IT users need to know and is relevant to every industry and sector using IT at any level. This lesson is a simple… Read More »


Creating and Gathering Evidence

During your apprenticeship you will be required to create and gather a range of evidence that demonstrates your knowledge and the skills that you use in your role. A range of assessment methods will be used throughout your course so this lesson has been put together to help you understand what you will need to… Read More »

Webinar training and headphones

Using Webinars

This is a quick guide to using the Webinar system that Total People’s Digital Sector broadcasts with. Step 1) When you first receive an email notification inviting you to a webinar you will receive this link below. In order to register for the webinar you will need to provide a name and email address. Step… Read More »