Exploring the Potential of Technology

By | August 14, 2015

The past twenty years have brought us vast technological wonders and some advancements that no one could have predicted, the last ten years have seen entirely new job roles come into existence and Digital Marketing has opened up whole new business ideas and methods.

As technology continues to advance, business will be forced to adapt to keep up with modern ways of working. Where 10 years ago every business “needed” a website, nowadays every business needs a “mobile friendly” website. This lesson has been written to explore current trends and how technology is progressing.

Read through the presentation then answer the questions below to help give you a few ideas  for your portfolio work. Upon completion, you will be emailed with your entries to the questions, which can then be added to your OneFile portfolio as evidence. This lesson should take approximately 30 minutes, however you might want to take longer research some of the individual topics. You can revisit this lesson at any time.

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