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Welcome to your Printing and Graphics qualification!

At the start of your course you should take a look at the “Getting Started” page, and take some time to read through the articles and complete the vocational initial assessment on this page. Following this, read through the lessons on “The Graphics Industry” page, in preparation for the first portion of your NVQ and Technical Certificate.

Technical Certificate Lessons

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Design and Print Lessons:


Costs and Budgets

This is a copy of the Costs and Budgets webinar training session. Some of the materials you might find useful for reference purposes, and the activities referred to in the workbook have been copied below. Ignore the blonde: clip from ‘a beautiful mind’ Business finances Before starting the assessment for the finance part of this… Read More »

Laptop computer

Basic Design Principles

This lesson is about the basic principles of graphic design: Balance Proportion Rhythm Emphasis Unity

Creativity Lightbulb


Creativity is not a gift, it is a skill that comes with practice over time. The best way to improve your creativity is to adopt an open minded  and positive attitude, when dealing with any situation. This lesson and the webinar that accompanies it have been developed to provide you with practical activities and tools… Read More »