By | June 7, 2017

Creativity is not a gift, it is a skill that comes with practice over time. The best way to improve your creativity is to adopt an open minded  and positive attitude, when dealing with any situation.

This lesson and the webinar that accompanies it have been developed to provide you with practical activities and tools that may help you be more creative and enjoy the creative process.

Creativity Fundamentals

Forced Connections using images:

Creative Word Association:

Before During After Method:

A detailed definition and explanation of creativity can be found here:

MindTools creativity tools:

The creative problem solving process:

Eight creative thinking techniques:

Creativity takes practice video:

History of creativity in graphic design:

For more information about Divergent and Convergent thinking see:

Creative problem solving method; Clarify – Ideate – Develop – Implement:

Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, Verification:

BBC creative process:

Six hats thinking:


David Kelly – How to building your creative confidence:

Amy Tan – Where does creativity hide:

Julie Burstein – 4 lessons in creativity:

Gerard Puccio – Creativity as a life skills: