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Communication is essential in every workplace, and you will be expected to work with and get along with all different kinds of people as your career progresses.

This lesson will explore three different areas around communication and working with other people. The first part delves into the different aspects of teamwork and working with other people; including ways to deal with conflict. The second part looks into different aspects of communication and handling information; including work instruction tickets and different types of language. The third and final part of this lesson analyses personal development and making improvements at work.

Read through the presentation then answer the questions below to test your knowledge. This lesson should take approximately 30 minutes, however you might want to take longer research some of the individual topics. You can revisit this lesson at any time.

This quiz will test what you know about working with others and effective communication

1. Which of the below choices will not help to resolve conflict in the workplace?


2. What is the name of the legislation that makes it illegal to discriminate against another person on grounds of race, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, maternity and trade union membership or activity?


3. Which of the following results of training is a is more of a benefit to the organisation than to the person who completed the training.


4. Which of the following communication styles should you use when speaking to a new customer who is not familiar with your processes?


For more information about making improvements in the work place, see the following links:

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