Collaborative Technology

By | February 2, 2017

Collaborative Teachnology refers to IT tools and devices for collaborative working and communications, such as web or video conferencing, instant messaging/chat, online phone and video calls; online forums, social networking sites, wikis and other centralised depositories for documents, blogging, RSS and data feeds, bulk SMS or online work management tools.

Common Examples of Collaborative Technologies Might Include:

  • Google Cloud software; such as integrating and using a mixture of Google Drive, Hangouts, Mail, Calendar and connected apps.
  • Social Networking Management tools; such as using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and connecting up multiple social networking accounts and multiple user accounts
  • Project Management tools; such as Trello and Asana whereby projects can be managed and progress updated as each task develops.
  • Content Management System websites; such as WordPress or Joomla websites; where multiple people access and develop content for a particular website.

The below lesson is designed to be taken as a group with a trainer or in a webinar or virtual lesson. At the end of this presentation is a selection of collaborative exercises and a chance to explore a range of collaborative tools provided by Google Drive.

To explore Google Drive exercises; ask your assessor for the link to Collaborative Technology folder.

This will give you the opportunity to explore Google Docs, Google Forms and a range of other apps that can be connected to Google Drive. If you can’t contact your assessor by email, click on the chat icon in the bottom right hand side of the page.

Try out these collaborative tools:

Google Drive:

Trello planning and project management boards:

Different uses for trello:


Custom integrations for using slack:


Uses for Asana:

Wunderlist planning tool:

Flow project management tools:

Gantter free project scheduling tool: