Chemicals and Waste

By | May 15, 2015

Many of the activities and production processes used in the printing and graphic communications industry require the use of chemicals and solvents, some of which are potentially dangerous if not used properly.

This lesson will recap go deeper in to what we have previously covered regarding chemicals. In particular we will analyse; how to do a chemical risk assessment, and the steps to take to protect individuals using chemicals, how to store chemicals safety to minimize risk, and how hazardous waste should be disposed of safety and taking environmental welfare into consideration.

Read through the presentation then answer the questions below to test your knowledge. This lesson should take approximately 30 minutes, however you might want to take longer research some of the individual topics. You can revisit this lesson at any time.

1. What is the name of the legislation relating to the use, storage and disposal of chemicals?


2. If a chemical cannot be changed or replaced with a safer alternative, what safety measures should be taken?


3. Where can detailed information about the usage, storage and disposal of chemicals be found


4. If a substance is irritant, how is the warning represented on the container label?


5. Under special waste regulations; how should harmful chemicals be disposed of.


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