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Employment and Legal Issues

Employers and employees have statutory rights and responsibilities under UK and European employment law. Employees must abide by the terms of their contract of employment including giving and working the specified period of notice. This lesson has been put together to identify the legal rights and responsibilities of an employee and employer address a range of potential employment or… Read More »

The Printing Processes

There are a number of different methods and principles used in printing, though they generally fall into five different categories: Planographic, Relief, Recess, Stencil and Digital, within these categories there are a number of different technologies that are used in industry, and over time there have been a number of technological improvements. This allows for… Read More »


Communication is essential in every workplace, and you will be expected to work with and get along with all different kinds of people as your career progresses. This lesson will explore three different areas around communication and working with other people. The first part delves into the different aspects of teamwork and working with other people; including… Read More »

Health and Safety Basics

Health and safety is a frequently discussed subject, and concerns all aspects of the work place and work activities. There is some basic health and safety advice that everyone should be aware of no matter where you work or what your job role is. This lesson will provide a general overview to health and safety issues; such… Read More »