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The Design Process

The function of design is to communicate – whether it’s about a product, a concept, an image or a company.  Yet the problem the designer faces is how to choose the right combination of elements, such as headings, text, and illustrations to get the message across in the most original and effective way. This lesson… Read More »

Hardware and Software in Pre-Press

This lesson explores the hardware and software that might be used in design, desktop publishing and Digital Pre-Press. Revision: State five items of hardware commonly found in DTP and Prepress State five examples of the type of computer software found in DTP and Prepress and describe three of them. State three reasons for incompatibility of hardware and/or software State two… Read More »

Costs and Budgets

This is a copy of the Costs and Budgets webinar training session. Some of the materials you might find useful for reference purposes, and the activities referred to in the workbook have been copied below. Ignore the blonde: clip from ‘a beautiful mind’ Business finances Before starting the assessment for the finance part of this… Read More »

Using Webinars

This is a quick guide to using the Webinar system that Total People’s Digital Sector broadcasts with. Step 1) When you first receive an email notification inviting you to a webinar you will receive this link below. In order to register for the webinar you will need to provide a name and email address. Step… Read More »

Marketing Concepts

This resource will get you thinking about a range of marketing concepts such as: Branding Market Segmentation Customer classification Positioning Competitor analysis Benchmarks Storytelling Customer behaviour Motivators and inhibitors Supply and demand Promotional mix Target Audience