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Typographical Attributes

This lesson goes into a lot more depth and detail about some of the complex typographical attributes such as: Paragraphs, Headings, Formatting, Alignment, Tracking and Kerning, Runaround, Captions, Folios and Running heads. This additional lesson goes into more detail about other typographical attributes such as: Font Styles and Style Sheets, Widows and Orphans, Lists, Tabulation, Hyphenation… Read More »

Area and Perimeter

This lesson has been put together to help with working out area and perimeter. Start with this video courtesy of Khan Academy to get started. What are the missing measurements? What is the perimeter and area?

Spelling, Grammar and Proofreading

The objectives of this lesson are to: Recognise reading strategies Use spelling strategies Recognise homophones Effectively use apostrophes Plan writing Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors Record learner support Use the English marking strategy Spelling Strategies Spelling strategies are tips to help you to remember how to spell certain words Say it as it looks… Read More »

Advanced Design Principles

This lesson dives into a deeper exploration of different design principles. It is worth reading through the basic introduction to design before starting this lesson, though this lesson does stand on it own right. The design principles discussed in this lesson include: Balance Symmetry and space Unity Harmony Rhythm Colour Emphasis Movement Proportion Scale Visual… Read More »

The Design Process

The function of design is to communicate – whether it’s about a product, a concept, an image or a company.  Yet the problem the designer faces is how to choose the right combination of elements, such as headings, text, and illustrations to get the message across in the most original and effective way. This lesson… Read More »

Hardware and Software in Pre-Press

This lesson explores the hardware and software that might be used in design, desktop publishing and Digital Pre-Press. Revision: State five items of hardware commonly found in DTP and Prepress State five examples of the type of computer software found in DTP and Prepress and describe three of them. State three reasons for incompatibility of hardware and/or software State two… Read More »